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Exciting New Venture

As many of the people who follow this blog know, I have a background in writing and it has always been my first creative love. That being said, I have taken the chance to work with an outlet called Vocal Media and will be posting some longer pieces there.

I would appreciate it if you take the time to stop by their website and read my work once in a while.

Here’s a link to my articles so far –

Good blog posts vs bad blog posts

We all know that one key to a successful blog is quite simply to feature “good” quality posts. But, what is it that distinguishes the good from the not so good and even the downright horrible? It may seem like a complicated issue but it really is not.

As a person educated in journalism and sometimes working among my region’s writers for hire, I’ve always prided myself on writing well. But when it comes to writing blog posts, the concept is an entirely different beast than pounding out an article for a newspaper or writing a report for a college class for example. In cyberspace, people want quick information delivered in an easy to digest manner that is also useful and valuable.

Good blog posts

The keys to a good blog post are:

1. Keep it simple and fairly short. No, I’m not saying to write something that is 200 words and suited to a 2nd grade audience. But, you don’t have to write a novel either.

2. Even if your content is promotional, doing make it so obvious that you turn off your readers.

3. Avoid using large numbers of links in your posts, especially to your own content from another source.

4. Always make sure you use good language and grammar skills.

Bad blog posts

1. These are often either short on content or heavy on repetition and redundancy.

2. Nobody likes excessive self promotion and linking.

3. Poor language skills and grammar can undermine the quailty of even the most interesting posts.

4. These posts usually don’t offer the reader very much at all.

And for those of you out there who either buy or consider buying articles or article writing services from someone else, be very selective. Sure many providers out there offer ridiculously inexpensive rates (like say 2 cents per word or several articles for $5.00), just remember, you get what you pay for.

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