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American Idol Top 7 week recap

Every year I look forward to rock week on American Idol. You never know how things might turn out. For some contestants, rock is certainly in their wheelhouse. For others, not so much. But all in all, it’s always interesting and entertaining.

Angie Miller American idol roock week

Angie Miller singing “Bring Me To Life” during the Top 8 week on American Idol. Photo Courtesy of

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Angie – Perfect song choice, great fit for her. The singing was amazing and she continues to improve each and every week.

2. Amber – She shocked me last night. She showed off some excellent vocals and was really dead on. Almost definitely her best showing yet.

3. Candice – Powerful as always. This song was also a perfect fit. It seems like she can sing any genre.

4. Kree – Good song choice. Her power vocals and country sound meshed well with the rock style of Janis Joplin.

5. Lazaro – He also pleasantly surprised me. It was a tough song to sing but he got off to a good start and maintained that momentum throughout.

6. Janelle – Another good song choice. It was a nice vocal overall and brought out the fun and confidence in her.

7. Brunell – Good song but he was way out of his comfort zone. Not good but it could have been way worse.

Group Performances:

1. Amber, Janelle and Kree – Simple and not flashy but not too bad overall.

2. Angie and Lazaro – Interesting pairing. I sort of expected a disaster but it turned out to be sort of OK.

3. Burnell and Candice – Candice did well with her bluesy, soulful side and Burnell was rather awkward when they sang the solo parts. It was really bad when they sang together.

Final thoughts:

Once again the ladies dominated the night. While I still find it hard to believe that all the guys will leave before a single girl, in all honesty that is probably what should happen. Before last night, I would have thought the girl in the most jeopardy would be Amber. And based on her entire body of work, that probably still holds true. But, based on last night alone, that certainly would not be the case.

All in all, the solo performances worked out well. The group ones are a different story. None of those came across as particularly impressive.

With only a few more weeks that the save is in play, I’m about 90% sure that the judges may use it tonight. I’m almost certain they will save any girl if one somehow happens to be at the bottom. They may also possibly save a guy if one lands in the bottom so as to keep the gender balance at least somewhat even.

American Idol Top 8 week recap

Last night’s American Idol Top 8 show featured a lot of strong performances and very few weaker ones. I also loved the fact that they had one duet and two trios sing in addition to the solo rounds. All in all it seems like the competition is still (and likely will remain) being dominated by the ladies this year.

Janelle Authur

Janelle Authur sings “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” PHOTO COURTESY OF:

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Janelle – Her song gave off a cool pop-country vibe somewhat reminiscent of early Jewel. The pace perfect and the vocals really stood out.

2. Candice – She showed so much range and it felt like classic Motown. Very well done overall.

3. Kree  She didn’t step away from the country sound all that much but her vocals are pure and powerful so it still worked out well in the end.

4. Lazaro – Much better than last week, even down to his style. He kept it simple and smooth.

5. Angie – Fun, sexy and very entertaining with a bit of an edge but it probably wasn’t the best song for her.

6. Amber – She showed a nice range but the vocals seemed to be just OK overall.

7. Devin – he did pretty good in making the song more fun and catchy but he faces some major competition and an uphill battle.

8. Brunell – He started off ok but the quality progressively deteriorated. The vocals seemed strained and there was much too much variation in pitch and vibrato.

Group Performances:

1. Amber, Angie and Candice – The song and the group pairing was a pretty good fit for them. They did well and showcased their individual talent.

2. Kree and Janelle – They worked well together and produced a strong group vocal overall.

3. Burnell, Lazaro and Devin – The song wasn’t a bad choice but the group didn’t mesh well together. It was average at best and that’s being kind.

Final thoughts:

While Paul was probably not the most likely person to leave last week, he was one of the legitimate possibilities. At this point, America still seems to be rather on target (in my opinion) in terms of voting. We’ll see if that continues tonight.

I do believe there is a pretty good chance we could see the judges use the save this week. Why? Well, voting may go against a girl this week because of a collective effort to even things out a bit. But, if it goes against a guy, perhaps the judges will try to take that approach so that the girls don’t outnumber the guys by 5-2. Not that I fully agree here. I personally feel that is any girl (with the possible exception of Amber) gets the least number of votes, that girl should be saved. As far as the guys go, I would not be willing to save any (with a possible exception of Lazaro) form elimination.

American Idol Charlotte and Baton Rouge audition recaps

Well, the second week of American Idol auditions seemed to provide a little more consistency in talent than did the first week showcasing contenders from New York and Chicago.

It seems that the southern states and cities always bring it when it comes to AI.

Here’s how I see things breaking down.

summer cunningham American Idol audition

Charlotte auditions:

The real top notch contenders from Charlotte seem to be the wonderful Summer Cunningham, Seretha Guinn and Brian Rittenberry. Others that have potential to go deep into the competition include the following:

Isabel Gonzalez

Janelle Arthur

Ja’Bria Barber

Candice Glover

Brandy Hamilton

Ashley Smith

Rodney Barber

Taisha Bethea

Jimmy Smith

Haley Davis

Megan Miller American idol audtion

Baton Rouge auditions:

In Cajun country Megan Miller, Burnell Taylor and Maddie Assel seemed to be the cream of the crop. Of course, several others could make a run too, including talents like:

Dustin Watts

Calvin Peters

Charlie Askew

Paul Jolley

Breanna Steer

I wonder what AI will have in store for us next week.

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