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A few keys to creating top-notch business cards

You’re about to get your own business up and running. You’ve worked out all the basic details and have dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s on the necessary paperwork. You’ve handled all the setup for your office or storefront. Now you just have to finish one more simple little thing, your business card.

Although it may sound simple, like most things involved in creative graphic services, there are good ways and bad ways to design your business cards. And sometimes, even the smallest things can make all the difference.


Use readable fonts for your text, If the font is also somewhat attractive looking, that is good as well. But readability comes first.

Simplistic in design and color is a good thing. It helps to avoid distraction from your message.

Make the text read in a logical, predicable order. The reader should be able to flow naturally from one part of the card to another.


Fonts that may look interesting but can be difficult to read can be a major turnoff to potential clients/customers.

Avoid overwhelming your potential client/customer with sensory overload. The point of your message can get lost that way.

Do not make your reader’s eyes have to dart all over the place in find what they need. A more natural, left to right, top to bottom flow works best.


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