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Graphic design project without all the special tools

When it comes to working with the graphic arts…

there are generally a few specific tools of the trade. Some that come to mind include Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and those sort of programs and utilities. However, whether it be an issue of cost or just that we do not have access to a given program on the device we are working with, sometimes we have to use other applications to get the job done.

This was the case when a friend of mine asked if I could come up with an appealing and informative bifold for a major event she is involved with in the Pittsburgh area.

Using an MS Word template, a modified photo and some additional information she had provided, I came up with one that she has raved about many, many times. Here’s a snapshot of the front and back cover:



The lesson here is that while we would all love to have every tool possible available to us as providers of creative graphic services, if we really try, we can do a lot without them if necessary.

Cool custom layout tool for the artistically inclined

I love WordPress

It’s an amazing platform to showcase your work and thoughts as well as to discover some really interesting things that others have put out for your viewing and reading pleasure. With that being said, I also enjoy another similar tool called Tumblr. With that being the case, I thought I’d share a site I found that can be a major asset to any graphics enthusiast who might want to design his or her own layout without having to be heavily technically skilled.

The site by Totally Layouts is provides a Tumblr theme generator allowing you to customize everything from fonts to backgrounds with just a little creativity on your part. If you use this platform at all or are considering doing so, this might just be a good place to start.

I know that being a provider of creative graphic services and recently starting to help others with SEO efforts through social media, the visual and creative can be just as important to drawing attention to your work as it is fun to work on in the first place.

tumblr theme

A few keys to creating top-notch business cards

You’re about to get your own business up and running. You’ve worked out all the basic details and have dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s on the necessary paperwork. You’ve handled all the setup for your office or storefront. Now you just have to finish one more simple little thing, your business card.

Although it may sound simple, like most things involved in creative graphic services, there are good ways and bad ways to design your business cards. And sometimes, even the smallest things can make all the difference.


Use readable fonts for your text, If the font is also somewhat attractive looking, that is good as well. But readability comes first.

Simplistic in design and color is a good thing. It helps to avoid distraction from your message.

Make the text read in a logical, predicable order. The reader should be able to flow naturally from one part of the card to another.


Fonts that may look interesting but can be difficult to read can be a major turnoff to potential clients/customers.

Avoid overwhelming your potential client/customer with sensory overload. The point of your message can get lost that way.

Do not make your reader’s eyes have to dart all over the place in find what they need. A more natural, left to right, top to bottom flow works best.

One cool graphic design trick

As you have probably noticed time and time again, those who provide creative graphic services often work with hidden images within pictorial logos.

Well along the same lines but quite a different skill altogether, one really cool option is to create text within the context of am image.

It could be a word or phrase hidden in a tree, a name appearing in a cloud or just about anything else you might imagine.

Perfect this skill and you’ll have another weapon in your graphic skills arsenal.

Reflections on online search terms from an English language enthusiast

These days, when we want or need information, one of the first resources we turn to is the Internet. And in doing so,  we input all sorts of terms and phrases in an effort of find what we want. The funny thing is, from a grammatical standpoint, these search terms are often quite inaccurate.

For example, if someone where to be searching for my website, they may use the term photographers in Pittsburgh PA . Sure this seems reasonable but technically, it’s wrong. Notice how the comma between “Pittsburgh” and “PA” is missing. This is a fundamental grammar mistake that many make while searching the Internet.

In similar cases, some searchers will likely ignore the capitalization of the city or state abbreviation.

Another search one might make looking for my business would be creative graphic services . While there is essentially nothing wrong with this, it makes use of awkward construction and doesn’t really flow well.

It’s funny that considering the Internet supposedly places so much value on quality content, we have so many poorly written items based on inaccurate search terms.

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