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The Daddy Daughter Bucket List (Part 2)

100 Things to do Before Your Daughter Leaves the House:

(Part 2)

By Christina Jeter –

20)      I want you to know that I want you to have everything that I didn’t and never experience the hurt of my past. You are the protégée of the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

21)      Let her teach you: The world now revolves around the internet, I am sure you like to navigate through the World Wide Web.

22)      Become her friend on FaceBook!

23)      Follow each other on Twitter

24)      Learn how to text her, just in case she doesn’t want to talk on the phone…smh.

25)      Don’t worry about making it home for the holiday’s I can always have her attend via Skype.

26)      Have her tell you that big secret? What is the difference between a tampon and a sanitary napkin?

27)      Make sure you always take photos together, nothing like an image to re-spark a moment in time.

28)      See the world together and all over again, go back to childhood places and visit new horizons with one another.

29)  Get pampered, go out and get your feet and nails done, while basking in the glory of raising such a successful daughter.

30)  Always let her know if someone doesn’t appreciate you and what you can do,DON’T GIVE IT TO THEM AGAIN.

31)  Know that tolerance is a dangerous thing! I state this because you will have friends who tolerance hates because that person is not giving it to them.

32)  Do something productive each and every day so that time is never wasted.

33)  Remind her about the sacrifices you made for her to have the privileges she has today, and then have her create a cool super hero nickname for you.

34)  Assure her that dreams do come true.

35)  Give the world, but let her know about the reality of the world, so she can be humble and grateful not bullying and mocking.

36)   If she doesn’t have a Valentine, be her Valentine and celebrate it in New Orleanson Mardi gras, for you are never alone in the Crescent City.

37)  Watch the American Idols auditions together to help know that everyone has embarrassing moments; just be glad none of ours are recorded.

38)  Spread the love leave the hate: Go to do charitable things together, work at a church, homeless shelter, and etc.

39)  KARMA- What goes around comes around.

GUEST POST – The Daddy Daughter Bucket List

The Daddy Daughter Bucket List

100 Things to do Before Your Daughter Leaves the House:

(Part one of a several part series)

By Christina Jeter –

They say when you have a child; you truly know the meaning of unconditional love! When that child is a girl, it makes you admire the worth of the woman she will become.  This is dedicated to my father, best friend and angel on earth, Donald L. Jeter. Thank you dad for being there for me when no one else was, because of you I am the person I am today and my success is your success!

1)      Show your daughter the kindness she should treat herself to when meeting other people: The diversity of the world is what makes the universe thrive, but make sure your daughter encounters people, who will appreciate her and know that she should appreciate herself and not settle for anything less then what she deserves. From the day she is born, tell her how beautiful she is, intelligent, and show her how she should be treated.

2)      Tell her the truth about how powerful she is and what other’s will do to possess that power! Everybody wants to keep their little girl, a little girl, shying her away from the cruel reality of the world, but we all know that each individual goes through phases. Some of those phases will include sexuality, sex, and just figuring out the person they want to become. Be truthful, open and honest with her when she is going through these life changes, let her know how others will perceive her, (good and bad). Don’t manipulate the logic and reason of the outside world, because doing so will cause her to sneak behind your back.

3)      Share your life with your daughter: One day you and your baby girl should just go through the family photo album, let her discover her roots and get a sense of understanding of her ancestry, heritage and watch her eyes light up about how she will add/change her genealogy.

4)      Teach your daughter to defend herself: Let her know that just because someone is smiling at her doesn’t mean they are interested in being kind to her. Being a male you know the game and hustle that men play to get girls and women into bed. School her on the scenarios, so she will hopefully never become a victim of being attacked, physically and emotional.

5)      Teach her to be her own woman: Companionship is great, but make sure she focuses in school, travel, and makes something of her life. Then when she is ready to marry and have children she will have the best suitor possible, because she will know that any partner she takes will be her equal not their subordinate.

6)      Let her know that matter what she does or faces in the world she has you to come home to and comfort. When she goes off to college or moves out of the house, you want the best for her, but sometimes she may fall victim to peer pressure, let her know that we all make mistakes and to trust you with hers, so you can help it get better not worst.

7)      Live by example: Understandable your daughter is a Madonna in your eyes, but so is everyone else’s daughter for that matter, so watch how you treat and interact with other women, because everyone is looking for approval and if your daughter see’s you giving more attention to the sexuality explicit women, you can’t get mad if that is what she becomes.

8)      From the day she is conceived, read to her in the womb, the day she is born read to her in her sleep, when she is learning to read on her own, learn with her.

9)      Question her logic, sometimes she may want to talk about a situation but doesn’t know how to bring it about. Ask her how her day is, life, and if everything is OK, always make it a point to know that you care.

10)  Make time to spend time together, go eat out as your budget and schedule permits.

11)  If a man ever: Let them know if a man ever seeks your attention, he needs to work for it. Meaning, he should take time to get to know you. Then when he achieves it work that much harder to keep it.

12)  Watch how a man treats himself and others: A lot of the time men who are abusive start out friendly, they will smile and nod excessively while starting at you in hopes to get you to do the same back. This in returns gives them the courage to approach you, they will usually say one liners, like, “You’re pretty me.” Then just stay quiet until they gain your trust for the next encounter. Then the next encounter they will become aggressive, offering you drinks and if you don’t drink them they will get mad, asking you to make out, and trying to show you off to others.

13)  Always go on dates at your terms: Talk to the person as much as possible before seeing them in person. When I say talk, I mean on the phone and/or in person, no text messaging and/or online interaction. This helps you feel the tone of person sincerity when you question them about certain topics.

14)  Know that when you do start to date, stick to your morals and values. In doing so here is a game but I want to school you on the hustler. Some boys may say that they respect the fact that you want to take it slow, but will find a girl who wants to take it fast, but of course they won’t tell you that because they want you to think they waited for you. Some will be little you to make you feel you are making the wrong choice not pleasing them, but they in return are helping you make the right choice to rid them out of your life.

15)  Older men who inquiry after young girls: Sure you want a handsome, savvy, wealthy older man, but make sure he is not married and not using your innocent and the fact that you are naive to boost his ego while devouring your body.

16)  Know that sometimes men will seem like they are being nice by portraying a gentleman: Don’t be so willing to take, as sometimes men want something in return. If he offers to take you on a date, he should pay, but you don’t owe him anything except your company at the dinner. If you must take make sure he knows you appreciate his kindness and are grateful he wants nothing in return except my verbal gratitude, “Thank You!” His reaction after that will show his true character and motive.

17)  Speak it into existence: The most important thing as a father on my to do list with my daughter bucket list is to want the best for her and know that I had a part in her being the most gorgeous thing in the world. She is half me but the better half of the world!

18)  Help others within your resource: It doesn’t have to be with cash, words are just as profitable. Some girls don’t have the same fathers with my logic and reasoning.

19)  Don’t let people take your kindness for weakness: If ever threaten get out of the situation as best as possible, and then when safe, report to the police. Learn from others past so you don’t inquire the same fate.

20)  I want you to know that I want you to have everything that I didn’t and never experience the hurt of my past. You are the protégée of the greatest thing I have ever done with my life.

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