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The Key To Writing Great Fiction

While it would be nearly impossible to say any one factor is the be all and end all of writing great fiction, there are surely some aspects of quality writing that are quite simply a must. And there is one place that is pretty much an essential starting point.

No matter if you are planning on writing poetry books, sci-fi novels, dramas to be developed into material for stage or film or really anything else, you have to have a topic. And it has been said that there are no original ideas just original spins on old ones. When taking into consideration all of the centuries of storytelling across countless cultures covering the globe, I would venture to guess that this statement is just about as close to the truth as it gets.

So, what do we as writers have to do about it? Just what the aforementioned statement says – create an original spin.

 A few examples of old concepts done in original ways:

(These just happen to all be movie references.)

1. Man versus machine

Examples – “The Terminator” and “The Matrix”

2. Underdogs overcoming the odds

Examples – “Rocky” and “Dodgeball”

3. The poor uprising against the rich

Examples – “Robin Hood” and “In Time”



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