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American Idol Top 10 Show Recap

So while the viewers where hit with a big surprise last week with three females rounding out the Bottom 3 and Shannon going home, the show must go on. And that it did last night.

All in all, most of the performers elevated their game while a few took a couple of steps backward. But all in all, it was a pretty good night.

Here’s how I rate the performances:

1. Colton – Great song choice. It was so simple yet so captivating. He did a fantastic job.

2. Jessica – Unusual song section but she’s so stylish and talented and really came into her own on the big notes.

3. Phillip – Slow start but very good once he got into the flow. He is truly unique.

4. Erika – Very smooth and good on the high notes, well done overall. 

5. Elise – Odd song choice and she was a bit off in a few spots but her sweet and sultry vocals got the job done.

6. Hollie  Interesting song choice. She looked great and her vocals are so pure.

7. Skylar – Good song section for her country style. Not bad.

8. DeAndre – Fun bit a bit off key and too labored. 

9. Joshua – Off in spots and way to much fluctuation in his vocals. I think he’s this year’s Jacob.

10. Heejun – I so did not expect that! Entertaining and fun but way off vocally.

The Bottom 3 “should” be Heejun, Joshua and DeAndre with Heejun going home. But the voters where very unpredictable last week (and I think the public seems to have it in for Elise) so who knows what could happen.


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