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Three ways to bring out the color in your photos

As a photographer, I know that a lot of people are looking for ways to bring out the color in their shots to make their digital photos pop. Here are a few tips along with sample shots.

Making color pop

1. Make use of the saturation effect

– Use your photo editing software’s saturation tools to increase the saturation for more vivid colors. Be careful not to go overboard though.

saturation effect in peacock

2. Utilize the dodge/burn tool

– Most likely, your chosen editing software will allow you to either burn (darken) or dodge (lighten) specific areas of your photo. This can really help with bringing out the color in skies and nature scenes as well as washed out clothing or body art.

3. Go with a spot color effect

– Here, you take out the color in a photo and essentially make it black and white with the exception of the area in which you want to showcase a specific color. This takes a little work but is well worth it. My e-book “Making Beauty Photography” has a deluxe edition with links to video tutorial on several of these techniques.

purple hair spot color

October – A beautiful time for scenic photography

October is here!

Sure, it is a bit sad that a little more that a week ago, Summer officially came to an end. At least in my part of the world that is. But in October, many parts of the United States begin to feature some of the most stunning natural sights. As the leaves change colors from their typical green, the landscapes of the countryside turn into an artists wonderland of oranges, reds, yellows, browns and all sorts of amazing colors. As a tribute to the season of Autumn, I hope you take a moment to enjoy the photos below.

fall tree lined path

fall river

flowing waterfall in autumn

fall leaf

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