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Kurtis Sinclair and Transitory Art

Do you remember when you where young and doodled in the pages of your notebook during class? Or perhaps you even do it as an adult when in a rather mundane conference or the like. Well, artist Kurtis Sinclair takes this concept to a new level with what he calls transitory art.

Check out these examples:

According to Sinclair, he leaves index card drawings all over the city like an Easter bunny hides eggs.

And he sees his work as the kind of juvenile distraction you find in the margin of a math textbook.

He doesn’t claim to be the best artist but that’s not necessarily his purpose. The goal is to offer a sense of creative entertainment.

You can see some of his stuff on the Transitory Art Instagram page and visit the official site at


Food Art

As a little kid, your parents probably told you not to engage in specific activities. One of those is likely  not to play with your food.

But as adults, some of the really artsy people out there do this on a routine basis. In many ways, fruits and veggies have morphed into the new canvases and sketch books.

So go on and “feast” your eyes on some of these.

Food sculptures

Red Indian Food Sculpture - made from melon


Summer’s here! Let’s celebrate with summer themed music

Once again the beautiful, fun, exciting season of summer is here (at least in my region of the world). It’s always a wonderful feeling when you can get outside and feel the warmth of the season’s sun painting itself upon your skin. The long days, cool and refreshing drinks and the freedom to wear a little less material all make for a great time.

With all this in mind, I decided to post a list of a few songs that really bring out that summer vibe.

I hope you enjoy them and feel free to add your thoughts and comments on videos that say “summer” to you.

California Girls – Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg

Stacy’s Mom – Fountains of Wayne

Fallin For You – Colbie Caillat

Soak Up The Sun – Sheryl Crow

Pontoon – Little Big Town

In Too Deep – Sum 41

Grammy predictions

Just for fun, I thought I’d try my hand at predicting the outcome on the 2013 Grammy Awards which will air this Sunday evening on CBS.

Of course, I’m only going to delve into a few of the dozens of categories that I feel like I know something about.

So without further ado, here goes.

And the Grammy goes to…

Best New Artist


Song Of The Year

We Are Young

Fun band

Best Pop Solo Performance 

Adele – “Set Fire To The Rain”


Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Maroon 5 – “Payphone”

Maroon 5

Best Alternative Music Album

Gotye – “Making Mirrors”


Best Country Solo Performance 

Carrie Underwood – “Blown Away”

Carrie Underwood

Best Country Duo/Group Performance 

Little Big Town – “Pontoon”

Little Big Town

Record Of The Year

Taylor Swift – “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Taylor Swift

How to have an epic time at your favorite music festival

Guest Post By Courtney Cummings

When attending a music festival, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made in order to guarantee that you have an epic time.  It’s not as simple as buying your over priced ticket and finding a designated driver to make sure the weekend ends safely.  You need to plan plan plan ahead.  Here are a few tips from a music loving, hipster avoiding festival veteran.

love photo

1)      Do not go with people you don’t LOVE.  This seems like it would be an obvious tip, but you must make the distinction between the friends you like to hang out with and those who you can actually tolerate for three inseparable days.  Nothing is worse than being stuck to a kid that can’t handle the heat, has claustrophobia or is just way too high maintenance.  Look for people who are drawn to the same bands and don’t mind taking a backseat to the bands on stage.

bottled water

2)      Drink TONS of water.  Nothing is worse than being “that guy” who goes to the hospital because they didn’t drink enough water.  When attending a festival in the heat, you are going to get dehydrated.  Nothing good comes out of that.  So just remember that you would rather be listening to music than have an IV strapped to your arm with some unattractive nurse at your side.  Water is free.


3)      Don’t let people know you’re just looking to party.  Music lovers plan their entire year around music festivals.  After it is over, they spend weeks on end reliving the experience and wishing that they could wake up from this dream that is reality.  If you are just looking to get drunk with your friends and don’t really care about the music, do not let anyone figure it out.  People will hate you, and there is no way you will achieve that coveted first row spot.  Remembering the amazing acts before your eyes is a must!

comfy clothes

4)      Wear something you’re comfortable in.  Too many people go to these shindigs as if they are walking the red carpet.  Yes, it is awesome to look like an over-styled hippie but not today folks.  It is important to take into consideration that there will be mud, sweaty people and ketchup that falls from your hot dog.  Make sure to be happy with your look, but keep the designer bags at home.

look up on google

5)      Look up bands you don’t know.  It’s the best feeling in the world going to a live show and knowing every word to every song.  Let’s get real.  This is rare for many people going to a massive festival.  Familiarize yourself with the artists that strike your fancy.  It is always so much better that way.  Also, get to know the smaller up and comers.  Festivals serve as an excellent opportunity for small bands to get exposure.  If you check them out early, you’ll be able to tell everyone that you knew of them even before they made it big.

crazy crowd surfing concert

6)      Do something you won’t regret.  Going to one of these large events is one of the best things you will ever do.  It is the ultimate celebration of youth and freedom.  Embrace it.  Don’t be afraid to jump a fence or make the muddy grounds your personal slip-n-slide.  The festival security is nearly nonexistent.  In ten years, you will not kick yourself in the butt for crowd surfing or meeting your favorite band.  Take advantage of this opportunity to be in the moment.

DIY musical instruments for kids

Music can be great for kids.

In addition to the enjoyment we as adults get from the musical arts, it can be an amazing tool for kids as well. There have been numerous studies connecting a child’s linguistic and mathematical skills and development with learning how to read music and play an instrument.

Oh course, with the youngest of children you can’t just drive right into the more technical elements. So, how can we get kids interested? One way is to help them to make their own “instruments” to play.

Here are three simple examples that can be made in literally a few minutes with basic household items.


Take a moderately thick paper plate and fold it in half. Get some beans from your pantry (or if you’re not a bean person grab a few small rocks from outside) and put them inside the folded plate. Close them in by stapling the place together and there you go.


Save that old coffee can rather than tossing it in the trash. Take an old piece of fabric, perhaps something like a worn out t-shirt or towel, and stretch it out over the opening of the coffee can. You can hold it in place it a rubber band. Kids can use either their hands or virtually any appropriate object around the house to strike the drum.


Don’t throw away that old tissue box. Instead, take a rectangular tissue box and remove the plastic from around the opening. Get yourself the roll from some toilet paper or paper towels.  Cut a hole in one of the short ends of the tissue box big enough to insert the roll. Seal the outside where you inserted the roll with heavy duty tape like duct or masking tape. Put several rubber bands around the box so the go over the open hoe in the center. There you go, instant mini guitar.

Synopsis of American Idol Men’s Top 13

Last night, American Idol’s 11th season kicked off the voting rounds with the Top 12 (and one additional second chance contestant to make it 13) and it went pretty well.

As I understand it, nearly half of them will be voted out tomorrow night. So there was little room for error.

That being said, here’s my thoughts on how that elimination might go.

Should be safe for sure:



Should be safe:



It could go either way:






In danger of leaving:





Now tonight we’ll see what the ladies have to offer.



Who doesn’t love contests?

Keeping with the creative theme of this blog while still trying to learn about ways to promote your online presence, my research has taught me that a lot of people love contests. And, in coming up with a fun and creative contest, you can potentially help drive more traffic to your websites.

So, the question is – “what makes an enticing contest?” Well, like most things in life, there must be an incentive to participate.  Simply put, there has to be some kind of prize. It can be monetary or non-monetary but it should be something people will value.

Second, it should be set up so that participation is quick and easy.

Below are a few examples of current contests I am running for websites I work with at this time. Feel free to check them out if you want.  And good luck in your own contest creating ventures.



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