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Hope (a poem) – For the victims of Hurricane Sandy

As a poet, I often feel compelled to write after some major event occurs, whether that event is something good or bad or simply indifferent. That being said, a few days back I wrote this piece as a part of the emotional journey we are all going through as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

girl in Hurricane Sandy


And so the wind and rain swirled mightily

Over the labors of both man and machine

Relentless in enacting its wrath on each


When all was said and done

The fierce storm sought only to take

Leaving lifeless bodies

And lost memories in its wake


But amid all this sadness

And the suffering within our hearts

Comes the triumph of the human spirit

Across the land and beyond


We will rise from this devastation

Coming back from where we’ve been

We will see the sun tomorrow

Because with hope, we’ll always win

Deviant (A peom)

Considering Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to post on of my pieces from my second of two poetry books “Shadows and Shade” that I think fits the theme fairly well. It also goes along with my photography interest in working with alternative models and the tattooed, pierced and Gothic style they often feature.


goth drawing


You’re a deviant

But that’s OK

Your tattoos and piercings

Drive me insane


You’re deeply twisted

But I don’t care

I love the purple and red streaks

In your savage black hair


You’re erratic

But it’s just fine

And your insidious nature

Leaves me wanting you for mine

Out of the night (a poem)

walkway candlelight


Let the pain fade away

And all the ache succumb  to it’s on decay


Ever closer to the shores

Fully revived, fully restored


With the candle now burning

With warmth and light

May we be brought out of darkness

And out of the night


This the the newest poem by the blog author Jason Greiner who has published two books of poetry to date.



Untitled (A limerick)

dandelion photo

Quilabells delight in a dandelion diet
Then lay to rest ever so quiet
They dream of birds singing a chorus
Out in the fields by Snoozaloo Forest
And wake laughing at such a silly riot


A custom limerick written by Jason Greiner speficially for a cleint at


Among the Skies (A poem)


If I could reach up to the stars

I would pull them down to our feet

So we could walk among the skies

Ever so light and free


A new piece from Jason Greiner author of  two poetry books “Wishing Wells” and “Shadows and Shade.”

We Live (a poem)

We live within routine

Straying only when by force

Then reluctantly we walk

On paths fresh and new


But let one split second tear

And rip at our souls

To open our closed eyes

To an illuminating new truth


Death is death

And blood is blood

Which both in time will come

Taking hold of all


So before life fades

We mustn’t hesitate

To truly come to live

To see, to laugh, to love

Before our frailty does show through


Another piece from “Shadows and Shade,” one of the two poetry books by author and photographer Jason Greiner

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