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The Wire Art of Michael Starita


Michael Starita


Wire wrapped jewelry

About me:

As a creative individual this is a reflective outlet of my inner world. I find so much peace and bliss from coning my consciousness into such beauty. Every piece is one of a kind and nothing like it will ever be seen again.

My perspective on art:

When you see my works and the works of others…the universe intelligently designed your eyes to see these arts to change your perspective and challenge your view of reality.

Check out his work in the pics here and find him online for inquires and items at Earthly Horizons

Age Old Creative Debate – Is Jewelry An Art?

There is little doubt that jewelry is often quite artistic. The colors, the shapes and just the thought that goes into design is often intense and creative. However, just because something is artistic in nature ma not mean that it is or should be classified as an art. Perhaps it should be viewed as a craft? Or maybe it should even be in it’s own unique class.

What are your thoughts?


Chainmaille and metal clothing/accessories design

While is may be up for debate as to whether or not clothing and jewelry design can or should be considered an art, there is no doubt that a man who goes by the title Metal-Weaver is both artistic and talented.

Check out some of his work below as well as on his official Metal-Weaver Facebook page.






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