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Reflections on online search terms from an English language enthusiast

These days, when we want or need information, one of the first resources we turn to is the Internet. And in doing so,  we input all sorts of terms and phrases in an effort of find what we want. The funny thing is, from a grammatical standpoint, these search terms are often quite inaccurate.

For example, if someone where to be searching for my website, they may use the term photographers in Pittsburgh PA . Sure this seems reasonable but technically, it’s wrong. Notice how the comma between “Pittsburgh” and “PA” is missing. This is a fundamental grammar mistake that many make while searching the Internet.

In similar cases, some searchers will likely ignore the capitalization of the city or state abbreviation.

Another search one might make looking for my business would be creative graphic services . While there is essentially nothing wrong with this, it makes use of awkward construction and doesn’t really flow well.

It’s funny that considering the Internet supposedly places so much value on quality content, we have so many poorly written items based on inaccurate search terms.

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