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DIY Photography Equipment List

OK, so anyone who has ever ventured in doing some photography work realizes that whether you’re in at as a hobby or looking to work at it in a professional capacity, photography can be quite expensive.

Naturally you need a camera, film/memory card, batteries to power your unit and the absolute basics. And even these alone will likely run your at least $500 minimum. And that doesn’t even include all the other things you’ll need to invest in for portrait photos and any other spot of shooting you may wish to undertake.

So, here’s a list of photography tools you can make on your own or make use of other objects to provide the same effect.


Head to the craft store and pick up solid white foam board. You can also spray paint it with metallic silver or gold for additional color options. You can also buy a car window visor and use that.

Lens Cleaner

Don’t pay extra for a “photo specific” cleaner. Get yourself a travel-size spray cleaner of eye glasses. It will probably cost you a ton less.


You can buy muslin from a fabric shop and dye it however you choose. Or, you can use heavy, lager blankets or think sheets.

Backdrop stands

Get some PVC pipe (very cheap) and put one together on your own.

Diffusers and Gels

As mentioned in earlier posts, white medicine bottles and color copies on transparencies can fulfill both these needs effectively and for much less than the typical retail price.

Happy shooting!

Writing tip – people love lists!

For those of us who love to write, one the biggest challenges can be to get our work out there so as to be read by the masses.  Over time, I’ve learned a few things that might help if you are experiencing this problem.

For some reason, people love lists. Whether it be the “Top 50” this or that or whatever the case may be, for some reason, this really draws in readers.

For example, if you’re target audience is artists, perhaps you can write a “Top 10 artist studios for rent in (insert city here)” to get some interest in your writing.

Maybe you’re a photographer and can offer a list of photography tips for shooting in low light.

Basically, lists get readers. And when those readers become familiar with your work, chances are they will read other things you may write  about more passionately.

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