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Cool effects of a long exposure

Keeping your shutter open for an extended period or time has both its benefits and drawbacks in photography.

While it can be difficult to work with a long exposure without a stabilization mechanism such as a good tripod, and you do have to consider the possibility of overexposing the image to the point of a completely blown out shot, this approach can produce some really artistic and eye catch results as well. See the examples below.

Effective usage of long exposure:

long exposure car lights

Exposure: 117.4 sec – Vehicle lights on a busy road.

shooting tars in the night sky

Beautiful stars in the night sky.

amazing color photo

Colorful, artsy image with interesting background.

scenic misty waterfall

Beautiful misty appeal to a shot of a waterfall.

jouster on horse

Jouster on horse in an image intended to show motion.


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