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My Published Magazine Photos

Over the last few decades, I have been published in a few literary magazines and in newspapers and for my writing. However, it wasn’t until recently (November 2015) that I had the chance to be published in a magazine for my photography efforts.

Since then, I’ve added two more publications to my resume of model work and I would like to share them.

Thanks to Juliann C, the model I have shot with for each of these three fantastic magazines. You can check out her official website at

Fahrenheit USA – Nov. 2015




My Belleza Inc. – April 2016


Tres Jolie – May 2016



Information on Magazine Printing

Guest post by Russ pottefield

Magazine Printing is an art and business which has a great deal of demand with people. There are different types of magazines on various topics to suite everyone’s needs. Here is some information on the same.

Magazine printing is a business which has a great deal of opportunity to grow and expand. There are various different types of magazines on a range of topics from photography to gardening, from DIY magazines to lifestyle magazines. There are different sizes of magazines available from the extremely thin to thick depending upon the amount of information provided. It is the job of the editor to decide the location of text and pictures in a magazine so that the end result is aesthetically pleasing. Magazines contain various different types of information but usually include an editorial, featured stories, headlines, advertisements and forums as well.

What’s in a magazine?

Magazines can come in different languages containing varied pieces of information on just about any subject matter. While some may contain more pictures and photos, others have more text and information. That depends upon the type of magazine as well. A magazine on fashion may have more pictures while a business magazine would have more text. A DIY magazine or any magazine with instruction would have a combination of both text and pictures. Thus it actually depends upon the content of the magazine. There is also a great deal of difference in paper quality as well and the price of printing varies accordingly. There are some magazines which come with high quality paper, glossy sheets or simple coarse papers. Magazine printing is usually done for professional, business purposes, however there are some companies which also do printing of small quantities for personal use such as to share with friends and relatives. The cost of printing such magazines depends upon the quantity, the number of pieces, quality of paper etc. All of these are determining factors.

Magazines which are printed differ in various factors such as paper, ink, style etc. The most common methods of magazine printing are:

  • Digital printing: Here there are a wide variety of choices in colors, paper, ink etc. There are even rough copies created so the client can choose the best alternative, however the services offered are quite expensive.
  • Color printing: This method of printing is used with format printing as a combination as you have a wide variety of colors to choose from.
  • Offset printing: This is the most traditional method of printing. The pallet and size of the same is limited and this form is usually used for printing brochures and pamphlets.
  • Laser printing: Here laser beams assist in the printing process and it is similar to the performance of normal laser jet printers.
  • Format based printing: This is usually used in combination with color printing as it allows for a choice from a wide variety of formats for text such as headings, titles, subtitles etc.

Before magazine printing is done on a large scale or in bulk, test pages are given for printing so that the end result can be seen and changes or modification made if necessary. This ensures that the end result is pleasing for the customers and readers of that particular publication.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Russ pottefield, PrintNinja Founder. PrintNinja offers affordable and low cost printing services. Visit for more details on online printing quotes and services.

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