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Music review – Siobhan Magnus “Moonbaby”

I was a very big fan of Siobhan Magnus when the world was first introduced to her on American Idol. And I always figured it would be no surprise if she went on to do same amazing things in the music industry. With that being said, her debut album “Moonbaby” does provide some quality tracks but also some that lack and real luster.

Magnus’ sound on “Moonbaby” is quite eclectic and ranges from poppy to industrial and in a few cases even features a bit of a retro vibe. Based on our limited knowledge of her personality from the aforementioned American Idol, I would expect nothing less.

What are probably the strongest tracks on the album include the songs “Escape Goat” and “Big Collapse.” The first has the elements of a poppy ballad but with a tough rock edge while the second has features the perfect beat to draw in any eager listener. In addition to these two songs, the cover of SinĂ©ad O’Connor’s epic “Nothing Compares 2 U” certainly does justice to the original.

The weaker tracks on the album include “Little Blue Pill” and “Always Thinking” which struggle with extremely odd visuals and an intense but very much overdone beat respectively.

For the most part, the remaining songs are pretty average overall.

All told, I would give “Moonbaby” a C+ and consider it a fairly good result as far as debut albums go.



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