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NFL star is talented artist

Here’s an interesting story from ESPN.


Photos of one of nature’s great wonders

One of my favorite types of photography…

is that in which the shooter captures the beauty of nature.

In my own personal opinion, I really enjoy shooting bodies of water. Whether it is a vast Ocean or something as small as a little creek, there’s something majestic about flowing water. So this past weekend when I had the chance to take some photos at arguably one of the most amazing natural scenes in the world, I jumped at the chance to do so. That location was Niagara Falls.

The following photos are a few that I took from the American side of the falls in New York. I hope you enjoy them.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls flowing waterfall

The beautiful Niagara Falls

American Idol auditions recap – New York and Chicago

I’m still not sure what to make of this 13th season of American Idol. The constant switching of judges over the past few years has been unnerving at best. And with this year’s crew, the only addition that seems like a good option is Keith Urban. In my opinion, at the risk of sounding nasty, Mariah used to be a good singer until she became more of a screecher/screamer and Nicki  can’t sing, she raps.

That being what it is, I thought it might be interesting to see what kind of talent the group would let through to the Hollywood. And here’s how I see it.


From the New York auditions:

New York was a bit surprising in that it seemed as though the city didn’t have that many real standouts. The only two that are likely to be potential contenders in the end where the outstanding Christina “Isabelle” and the skillful Frankie Ford. Others that showed potential to blossom into players that may make a run include the following (in this order):

Angela Miller

Ashlee Feliciano

Sarah Restuccio

Shira Gavrielov

Gupreet Singh Sarin

Mackenzie Wasner American Idol

From the Chicago auditions:

Conversely to the NY outcome, I’d say that the number of highly talented performers in Chicago was quite astounding. I’d even venture to guess that the number singers who might have a chance to really beak out may even reach the double digits, which seems pretty rare for Idol auditions. The best where probably MacKenzie Wasner, Lazaro Arbos and Brandy Neelly with Isabelle Parell close behind. Others that could end up making a run include (in the following order):

Stephanie Schimel

Mariah Pulice

Clifton Duffin

Josh Holiday

Kez Ban

Johnny Keyser

Griffin Peterson

Here’s looking forward to the next set of auditions this season.

Arts related business supporting hurricane relief

As the founder of this blog, I am affiliated with an arts services website with a few sub-divisions if you will. And knowing what the people on the East Coast of the United States are currently going through, I thought it might be a good idea to promote the relief effort through this outlet.

That being the case, the Three Rivers Creative Arts website and the aforementioned sub-divisions have decided to do the following.

Three Rivers Creative Arts

– For any person who donates to a an established, reputable charity for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, you can e-mail us at telling us the amount you donated. For every $10 worth of donations, you will earn one entry into a drawing to win a free HP photo printer (Model A646) a more than $300 value. If you win the drawing, you will be required to provide verification of your charitable donation.

The winner can pick up his or her prize at out studio in Pittsburgh, PA or it can be shipped for a fee of $15.00. Entries accepted until Nov. 10.

Twisted Angels Alternative Modeling Community

– For each new subscription purchased between now and Nov. 10, 25% or $1.00 of the first month’s subscription will be donated to the American Red Cross for the relief efforts.

Jason Greiner’s Official Author Website

– If you donate to any established or reputable relief charity for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, we will give you a free copy of the deluxe version of the e-book “Making Beautiful Photography: A Guide for the Novice and the Enthusiast.” Get this $5.00 value until Nov. 10. Just e-mail us through the “Contact Us” page form the link above and tell us about your donation.

Hurricane Sandy over New York




We will never forget!

Eleven years ago today, one of the greatest tragedies is modern history occurred at the hands of men of pure evil. September 11, 2001 was to my generation what the attacks on Pearl Harbor was to those young men and women living in the 1940s. The senseless events of that day brought on emotions ranging from shock to sadness to fear and anger. And, I will never forget where I was that fateful morning. It’s as fresh in my memory as the moments of yesterday.

This being an arts related blog, I’ve decided to post a few things below from the world of the arts that honor the victims of the acts of 9-11-01 and ensure each and every one of us remember this always.

God Bless America!

9-11 firefighter

Raising American flag

towers of light in NY

9-11 2001

9-11 tragedy

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