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Artistic photography and the rule of thirds

As shutterbugs, we all hope to make our photos stand out among the rest. And  of course, this can be rather difficult sometimes considering we may have a limited number of subjects to shoot.

I myself a blessed with the opportunity to be among the photographers in Pittsburgh PA, a fairly large city with diverse scenery. In addition, there is no shortage of people to shoot for portrait work. But with that being said, not all of us are so lucky, and even if you are, there is still a good chance that some of the most notable scenes and people will be photographed over and over again by several different people.

Making your shots artistic can be the difference between a photo that catches the viewer’s attention and one that only earns a passing glance. One way to do so is called the rule of thirds.

Rule of thirds

This rule is mathematical i n nature but rather simple to follow.

1. Image your scene as being divided into thirds or multiples of thirds.

2. Make your focal point of the image off to the side so as to appear in between two of the groupings of thirds on either the right or the left.

3. Take your shot and that’s about it.

The animated .gif below shows a gird of thirds and how an image may look after using such a technique.

For more detailed and specific info, check out  Rule of Thirds as it appears on

Happy shooting!

Photography equipment on a budget

So anyone who wants to get seriously involved in photography will come across some challenges along the way.  As one of the photographers in Pittsburgh PA with a minimal budget, I can assure you I’ve experienced this dilemma several times first hand.

The key is not to get discouraged and to make the best choices for equipment and other tools that fit your budget. How do we do this? Here are a few options.


If you’re not worried about the aesthetics of  things, you can create some props and tools yourself for a much more affordable rate than you might find when trying to purchase items through a commercial outlet. This blog contains a few examples and there are tons of sites online that you can find that will help you out. Youtube alos offers some good visual tutorials.

Buy second hand

While you have to be careful buying used items, don’t let that turn you away from benefiting form the savings you can gain by doing such. E-bay is a good option and so is Craigslist.

Look in unexpected retail locations

The tenancy might be to search out specialty shops when shopping for photography equipment. However, you can find some great quality buys at more general locations. For example, online retailers like Amazon and have a surprisingly extensive selection of photography items. And in general, they cost less than the specialty shops.  Offline, you might benefit from buying materials for backdrops in the fabric section of your local Walmart or craft store. The savings can be hugh.


A few words about “originality” in art

There is so much emphasis on originality in the art world today.

Whether your medium is photography, literature, film, sculpture, dance or whatever else may be the case, originality is something that we constantly stress. Even in the cyberspace, Google emphasizes the importance of “original” content in raking well on search engines.

However, if you stop and think about it, over the course of human history there have been billions of people. Many of these people where artistically inclined or creative minded individuals. Coupling that with the tens of thousands of years worth of inspiration out there since the dawn of civilization, it is hard to believe that anyone today can come up with a truly original concept.

In fact, someone notable once said something along the lines of – “There are no original ideas, only new approaches to old ones.” While I don’t believe this is 100% true, I do think it is reasonably accurate. In some cases new technology and discoveries come along that can allow for some originality. But for the most part, the person who spoke these words was dead on.

For example, as one of who knows how many photographers in Pittsburgh PA over the course of the last 100+ years, I can tell you that the city’s amazing skyline has been shot gazillions of times. So while the subject itself can never be original (except for the very first person who photographer it of course), the angels used, colors in the sky itself and any number so f other factors can allow you to put your own spin on it.

This is the case with every art form out there today.

So as a word of advice, stop struggling for something totally original. Find your inspiration and make it your own.

Some unity can be beneficial for photographers

As one of many photographers in Pittsburgh PA, I can assure you that just like with any other industry, the competition can be fierce. And while you never want to give your competitors any reason to gain a leg up on you and your business, a little unity might even be beneficial.

Here are a few ways that dealing with fellow photographers can help you go a long way.

1. Networking groups can actually lead to some opportunities.

2. You can learn from those more experenced than yourself.

3. You can pick up some ideas you may not have though about before.

The possibilities are somewhat endless.

Reflections on online search terms from an English language enthusiast

These days, when we want or need information, one of the first resources we turn to is the Internet. And in doing so,  we input all sorts of terms and phrases in an effort of find what we want. The funny thing is, from a grammatical standpoint, these search terms are often quite inaccurate.

For example, if someone where to be searching for my website, they may use the term photographers in Pittsburgh PA . Sure this seems reasonable but technically, it’s wrong. Notice how the comma between “Pittsburgh” and “PA” is missing. This is a fundamental grammar mistake that many make while searching the Internet.

In similar cases, some searchers will likely ignore the capitalization of the city or state abbreviation.

Another search one might make looking for my business would be creative graphic services . While there is essentially nothing wrong with this, it makes use of awkward construction and doesn’t really flow well.

It’s funny that considering the Internet supposedly places so much value on quality content, we have so many poorly written items based on inaccurate search terms.

Free unlimited PR 6 backlinks???

If you’ve read the title of this post, you’re probably thinking “yeah right!”

As a small-business owner, I try everything I can think of using white hat techniques to promote my work among photographers in Pittsburgh PA. And, my true belief is that businesses, and websites, especially the small ones, need to help each other out to thrive.

So, here’s the deal. If you have decent quality content that you’d like to have featured on a high ranking PR 6 site, I can provide the forum for you.

Content can be anything regarding the following broad categories:

Any type of art (i.e. photography, graphic design, painting, performing…)


Poetry and literature

Subcultures (especially body modification, goth and emo)

Leave a comment or feel free to contact me at with questions or prospective content.

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