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Artistic photography and the rule of thirds

As shutterbugs, we all hope to make our photos stand out among the rest. And  of course, this can be rather difficult sometimes considering we may have a limited number of subjects to shoot.

I myself a blessed with the opportunity to be among the photographers in Pittsburgh PA, a fairly large city with diverse scenery. In addition, there is no shortage of people to shoot for portrait work. But with that being said, not all of us are so lucky, and even if you are, there is still a good chance that some of the most notable scenes and people will be photographed over and over again by several different people.

Making your shots artistic can be the difference between a photo that catches the viewer’s attention and one that only earns a passing glance. One way to do so is called the rule of thirds.

Rule of thirds

This rule is mathematical i n nature but rather simple to follow.

1. Image your scene as being divided into thirds or multiples of thirds.

2. Make your focal point of the image off to the side so as to appear in between two of the groupings of thirds on either the right or the left.

3. Take your shot and that’s about it.

The animated .gif below shows a gird of thirds and how an image may look after using such a technique.

For more detailed and specific info, check out  Rule of Thirds as it appears on

Happy shooting!


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