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The “rules” of poetry

When people first hear the word poetry…

beside the notion of eloquent language and the concept of emotional sensitivity coming to mind, they might often think about this form of literature as being filled with rules and structural regulations.

While classically poetry has had it’s share of rigidity and intense structure, this is not always necessarily the case.  For example, slam poetry would probably drive someone from the Renaissance era insane.

Personally, I believe that good poetry is not so much about structure and form as it is about emotion and the ability to convey a concept not easily stated in any other way. Hence the reason that I, and many others, do not always follow the so-called rules.

First and foremost, poetry is an art and as such should not be constrained. We all need to have our own rules to some extent.

My personal rules and guidelines

1. I either use rhyme or not. It seems clumsy and awkward to switch between the two in the same poem.

2. When I use rhyme, I tend to rhyme in a pattern of matching up either the first and third/second and fourth lines or a stanza of lines one and two then three and four.

3. I generally write 3-5 line stanzas

4. Modern free verse has always been a great stylistic friend

5. I rarely punctuate except for emphasis with a question mark or exclamation point or to separate items in a series with a comma

I figure hey, what the heck? After all, E.E. Cummings was known for his unorthodox and grammatically flexible style while the great William Shakespeare literally made up hundreds if not thousands of words.


Courtesy of Wikipedia

Skeletons (A Poem)

Here’s my newest poem. It’s a little dark but I hope you like it.


We all have our skeletons

Held back by closet doors

But there’s no need to fear

As they are bones

And nothing more

Three non-technical keys to writing your best poetry

What makes good poetry?

If someone was to ask this question to a crowd of people, that person would probably receive any number of different answers. But in my personal opinion as the author of poetry books, considering the fact that poetry is an art, who is to say what makes one piece good as opposed to another not? Like any art form, it is highly subjective.

writing poems

But with that being the case, I do believe that there are a few things any poet can do in order to make the best of their own work.

1. Be inspired –

If you don’t have some sort of inspiration behind your work, the result won’t be as satisfying as if you do. While in other forms of writing you can simply just jump into it, this is not the case with poetry.

2. Express emotion –

Letting your emotion pour out onto a page is very important in this particular form of literature.

3. Let if flow –

The flow of the words in your poetry is also very important. The more natural and compelling the flow of the words, the better your writing will end up.

Out of the night (a poem)

walkway candlelight


Let the pain fade away

And all the ache succumb  to it’s on decay


Ever closer to the shores

Fully revived, fully restored


With the candle now burning

With warmth and light

May we be brought out of darkness

And out of the night


This the the newest poem by the blog author Jason Greiner who has published two books of poetry to date.



Among the Skies (A poem)


If I could reach up to the stars

I would pull them down to our feet

So we could walk among the skies

Ever so light and free


A new piece from Jason Greiner author of  two poetry books “Wishing Wells” and “Shadows and Shade.”

We Live (a poem)

We live within routine

Straying only when by force

Then reluctantly we walk

On paths fresh and new


But let one split second tear

And rip at our souls

To open our closed eyes

To an illuminating new truth


Death is death

And blood is blood

Which both in time will come

Taking hold of all


So before life fades

We mustn’t hesitate

To truly come to live

To see, to laugh, to love

Before our frailty does show through


Another piece from “Shadows and Shade,” one of the two poetry books by author and photographer Jason Greiner

To Be In Love…

A poem by Darakhshan Takmeel

To be in love, you must feel pain
Pain of loving, of having loved and lost
Lost in the galaxy of glittering delights
Delights that delight and never last.

Last summer rain on your garden
Garden of blossoming feelings, memories
Memories of a night well spent
Spent listening to the rain on the trees.

Trees that witnessed your times together
Together under the Banyan’s shade
Shade of happy, peaceful times
Times you sat together and prayed.

Prayed for each other with one another
Another day, another gift to cherish
Cherish the touch of the sun in winter
Winter chills when the greens perish.

Perish in pain like a dry river
River of sorrow when having to lose
Lose direction and stance, beyond control
Control your emotions and having to choose.

Choose between the future and today
Today that looks like a brilliant joy
Joy that will end with a tear someday
Someday that would do this, by and by.

By losing what you let go once
Once the blemish is on your being
Being an enhanced jewel on you
You will learn again, to love and sing.

Darakhshan is the poetic mind behind the amazing blog Introspections of my soul .

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