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The necessary tools to create good poetry

As is the same with any other art form poetry does require some level of natural writing talent and ability. However, no matter how much talent one may have, without the tools of the trade, it can be hard to realize your full potential.

Here is a brief list of items any poet should have in is or her “tool kit.”

1. A good thesaurus 

This is necessary to keep the creative juices flowing with variations in your text. As a general rule, it is our tenancy to reuse some words more than others. By making use of a good thesaurus, you can expand the vocabulary range within you poetry.

2. “The Bibliophile’s Dictionary”

This specific book is a collection of unusual words and phrases that will be sure to capture the interest of your readers.

3. Poetic works by others

Last but not least it is essential to get your hands on poetry books by a variety of other poets. Study their work and learn from them as an athlete might study game films of one of his athletic heroes.

Utilizing tools like these is sure to help anyone develop their skills as a poet.


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