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DIY Photography Equipment List

OK, so anyone who has ever ventured in doing some photography work realizes that whether you’re in at as a hobby or looking to work at it in a professional capacity, photography can be quite expensive.

Naturally you need a camera, film/memory card, batteries to power your unit and the absolute basics. And even these alone will likely run your at least $500 minimum. And that doesn’t even include all the other things you’ll need to invest in for portrait photos and any other spot of shooting you may wish to undertake.

So, here’s a list of photography tools you can make on your own or make use of other objects to provide the same effect.


Head to the craft store and pick up solid white foam board. You can also spray paint it with metallic silver or gold for additional color options. You can also buy a car window visor and use that.

Lens Cleaner

Don’t pay extra for a “photo specific” cleaner. Get yourself a travel-size spray cleaner of eye glasses. It will probably cost you a ton less.


You can buy muslin from a fabric shop and dye it however you choose. Or, you can use heavy, lager blankets or think sheets.

Backdrop stands

Get some PVC pipe (very cheap) and put one together on your own.

Diffusers and Gels

As mentioned in earlier posts, white medicine bottles and color copies on transparencies can fulfill both these needs effectively and for much less than the typical retail price.

Happy shooting!

The simple art of tracing

When I was a kid…

Like so many other children I had a vivid imagination. And along with that imagination came the desire to draw. Now when we all first start out drawing, most children’s pictures look pretty much the same. Later down the line, we notice some people really have a talent for this artform.

From time to time, I still like to doodle a bit but would never be one that someone could reasonably call good at drawing. Aside from some silly cartoon sketches like the one below, I’ll just stick with by skill set shooting portrait photos and writing poetry books. I’ll leave drawing to the experts.

Which all that being said, there is one thing each of us can to do sort of “cheat” if you will when it comes to drawing. Get yourself a nice photo of what you’d like to draw, go out and buy a pad of tracing paper and trace the heck out of that picture.

You can always start slow with something like the horse below. And after that, move on to a more challenging adventure like the image at the bottom of this post.

Perhaps you or I may not have the natural ability to draw like the masters of the art but we can at least try something close.

A simple tracing effort suitable for beginners.

Something a bit more advanced.

The best photos of children are often not posed.

For any of you shutterbugs or aspiring photogs out there who deal with portrait photos of children, you probably have realized by now that shooting kinds can be a real challenge.

While they tend to have little or no fear of the camera, many times the attention span is limited and thus you have to really work hard to get a child while he or she isn’t fidgeting or looking away from the camera.

For this reason, many of the best shots are of children during play or simply doing something other than being told to sit still for a photo.

Keep this in mind the next time you work with a child.

Below are a few examples:

Modeling looks in sexy yearbook photos?

Modeling has become more and more popular over the years. Many women and men believe this profession, or even going with such styles of photography as a hobby, make them feel like sexy girls and guys.  And today, some are even taking this approach in portrait photos and shots for their yearbooks.

Sydney Spies is one controversial example.

This Colorado teen is now in a fight to have the above photo featured in her senior yearbook.

Read more about it here:

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