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Re-blogging, how do you feel about it?

As a writer and photographer, I like to get my work out there. However, I also want to make sure that it doesn’t make its way all over cyberspace without getting the proper recognition. This is one of the challenges we face as creative types in the digital age.

When we have a blog, most blogging platforms today have a feature allowing users to re-blog content found on other blogs and by other posters. And in general, you probably either love this or hate it.

You may love it because:

It can allow your work to reach a larger audience and gain more noteriaty.

You may hate it because:

You feel like someone else is taking advantage of your hard work.

In my opinion, it comes down to one thing. When your article, photo, poem, video… is re-blogged, does the person responsible give the originator credit for the content? In many cases this is an automatic aspect of re-blogging but that does not mean that a blog owner cannot physically remove the crediting information for some reason or another.

Only if the original poster gets his or her credit, in my personal opinion, the whole situation can be a win-win for everyone.

What are your thoughts on the mater?



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