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We will never forget!

Eleven years ago today, one of the greatest tragedies is modern history¬†occurred¬†at the hands of men of pure evil. September 11, 2001 was to my generation what the attacks on Pearl Harbor was to those young men and women living in the 1940s. The senseless events of that day brought on emotions ranging from shock to sadness to fear and anger. And, I will never forget where I was that fateful morning. It’s as fresh in my memory as the moments of yesterday.

This being an arts related blog, I’ve decided to post a few things below from the world of the arts that honor the victims of the acts of 9-11-01 and ensure each and every one of us remember this always.

God Bless America!

9-11 firefighter

Raising American flag

towers of light in NY

9-11 2001

9-11 tragedy


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