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Simbi – An Excellent Tool for Creatives

It was a little more than a year back when I found Simbi via a post on a friend’s Facebook profile. After taking a few minutes to poke around the site, I was hooked. Now, “what is Simbi?” you might ask. Well, the most basic way to explain it would be a social network and community that is focused on the growing interest in a barter economy.

Sure, you can find all sorts of people looking for and offering a service or product related to almost any need whatsoever. But, since this is an arts-related blog, I have to say there are plenty of things on here sure to pull in the artists among us.

First, you can easily trade Simbi (the currency of the site) or do a even swap for anything from drawings to clothing. This is great from people who don’t have a lot of cash but could benefit from the work of someone like a cartoonist or logo designer.

Second, it’s a great opportunity for networking. There are groups on the platform in which people can discuss items related to their interests. I belong to a few including “Writer’s Club” and “Design Hub.” If there is not a group that fits what you want, you can start one.

Third, it can be a great testing ground to find out how people will respond to services you might be considering putting out there as a freelance gig.

Basically, Simbi is pretty awesome. Check it out for yourself and I bet you’ll agree.

Twitter Book Summary Fun

Our society is so used to quick and easy communication these days that I recall once hearing about a little joke that people where doing writing ultra-short summaries of classic novels in the form of one tweet on their account.

While this might be a bit of an indication of the not necessary so positive but surely instantaneous desires of our time, it also gave me an idea. Not only can it be a fun game to blow off steam but it can even work as a method in practicing brevity.

For example, in journalistic writing we are encouraged to keep it short – to the point.

This is my dare to see if you can pull it off with these titles from my bookshelves:

Pride and Prejudice

The Cather In The Rye

Long Day’s Journey Into Night

A Streetcar Named Desire


Three Great Photo Sites

There are no shortage of photography site on the Internet. Of course most of today’s photographers have their own online presence. Then there are the photo printing sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish.  But, one of the most fun and useful (in terms of marketing) type of photography sites are essentially photo-based social media.

Three sites to consider using 

This versatile and useful site is owned my Yahoo! and offers both a free and professional subscription version. It’s great for showcasing your shots, networking through groups and storage for an unlimited number of pics with the paid option.

This photo bookmarking tool can allow you to instantly bookmark and tag photos from virtually any site on the Internet, including your own sites and pics from them. It’s unbelievably easy to use too.

500px is great for getting your work out there in such a way that members vote on your uploaded shots and the better the rating the more notice your work will get. It is relatively user-friendly and allows users to include all sorts of details about the process used in taking your pictures.

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