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Text speak – give me a break.

As one of many writers for hire out there, I take my craft seriously. I love the English langauge, at least so much as one can love such an inanimate concept, thus can’t stand seeing it mutulated.

What do I mean? Well, I’m talking about text speak.

While this sloppy jargon does have it’s place, that place is not in business e-mails, academics, professional documents or any similarly formal writings.

Could you imagine seeing a cover letter starting like this?:

OMG, I’d luv to work for your company. My skills would make me the best employee ever!

I would simply throw it in the trash can as that it is not worth the cheep, recycled paper it was written on and is even an insult to the printer that had to use up valuable ink to produce this garbage.

Then what would I do? I’d probably sit back and wait for the author of the cover letter to textually berate me with a big fat WFT?


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