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Scenes from the 2015 Three Rivers Arts Festival


As this blog owner does every single year, I took some time out to stop buy, and actually make a few purchases too, the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

Here are a couple of scenes I would like to share with you.

Artistic trach can

One of the first things I noticed before even entering the main area was the beautiful decorated trash receptacles. How creative is that?

4th River Music Collective

Outside the vending area, a group of musicians calling themselves the 4th River Musical Collective played for the crowd.

Paper cutter

Hou-Tien Cheng, a master paper cutter, is a festival regular. I once bought a silhouette of a wolf off of him.


I just loved this quote at a vendor’s tent. it says a lot about life.

Dogs in the grass

This collection of public art by Fernando Orellana is called “Confluence” and was located in the waters along the underpass entering the inner section of the city’s Point State Park.

Subway mural

Although not part of the festival, this mural lines the wall of the station in which I caught the subway to ride home. It seemed like a fitting end of the day.

Scenes from the Three Rivers Arts Festival

As an artist from Pittsburgh, it only stands to reason that I would take the chance to attend our region’s largest annual arts festival. This year is no exception.

Here are a few mobile phone images (excuse the quality, as I said they are from a cell phone and not a “real” camera) from the event.

Street musician and his loyal friend

Street musician and his loyal friend

Arts market

Artist marketplace

browsing the art

Browsing the art

recycled art fish

Recycled art – The Big Catch

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Vendors at The Point

Arts Festival 2012

More from The Point



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