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American Idol Top 10 week recap

This year’s edition of American Idol kicked off the finals with the annual Top 10 (although it used to be Top 12) show last night. And all in all, it was a pretty solid start to the last leg of the 2013 Idol journey.

As I’ll been expecting from early on, the girls really seemed to standout and outperform the men overall. And will some the the likely front runners did what might be expected, there where some other contestants who really showed that they’re, as Randy Jackson would say, “in it to win it.”

Candice Glover American Idol

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Candice – Powerful voice, right on the money.

2. Angie – Soft, beautiful voice with power when needed. It was a risky song choice but it worked out well.

3. Amber  A few trouble spots at first but better and better as she went along, fantastic ending.

4. Janelle – She came out strong and confident, nice job.

5. Kree – Classic song, great fit for her, simple but good.

6. Lazaro –  Very smooth and captivating vocals, not his best but still pretty good.

7. Paul – This time, the didn’t go over the top as is common for him. Not bad.

8. Devin – Powerful song, nice tone but probably not the greatest fit for him.

9. Burnell – He was kind of off and all over the place.

10. Curtis – He was OK at the start bit over did it in spots. Not bad but not good either.

Final thoughts:

We have already had a slight indication of how the American public might tend to vote based on the results last round. (I agreed with them about 70 or 80% of the time.) However, it’s very early in the game and that could change. In my personal opinion, The bottom three should be Curtis  Brunell and Devin. But then again, any Idol fan knows that on this show, anything can happen and sometimes does.

American Idol Top 10 for 2013

This season of American Idol

has featured quite a few new twists. But now we’re down to the Top 1o and I suspect their won’t be to many such surprises left, at least when it comes to the rules of the game if you will. That’s not to say that there won’t be any shocking eliminations. That’s almost a given to some extent.

But now that the Top 10 is in place, here’s my quick analysis of how the voting public fared in choosing the best of the best.

American Idol 2013 Top 10

The Girls:

Even though Kree was the last one announced, it seemed to me that she and Angie would be pretty much a sure thing. I love the fact that Janelle also made it through despite the fact that that puts two female country vocalists head to head to go after that particular voting block. Candace was a solid addition. With the competition among the girls so high, Amber was one of the many that could have easily filled the final spot.

The Guys: 

The only real “must have” in my opinion is the heartwarming Lazaro. Devin has been steeping up his game in recent weeks and seems to be a good selection. I’m not a huge fan of Curtis but I fully anticipated he’d be there as well.  Burnell and Paul probably squeaked through, most likely at the expense of Vincent and/or Nick.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week.



American Idol Top 10 Show Recap

So while the viewers where hit with a big surprise last week with three females rounding out the Bottom 3 and Shannon going home, the show must go on. And that it did last night.

All in all, most of the performers elevated their game while a few took a couple of steps backward. But all in all, it was a pretty good night.

Here’s how I rate the performances:

1. Colton – Great song choice. It was so simple yet so captivating. He did a fantastic job.

2. Jessica – Unusual song section but she’s so stylish and talented and really came into her own on the big notes.

3. Phillip – Slow start but very good once he got into the flow. He is truly unique.

4. Erika – Very smooth and good on the high notes, well done overall. 

5. Elise – Odd song choice and she was a bit off in a few spots but her sweet and sultry vocals got the job done.

6. Hollie  Interesting song choice. She looked great and her vocals are so pure.

7. Skylar – Good song section for her country style. Not bad.

8. DeAndre – Fun bit a bit off key and too labored. 

9. Joshua – Off in spots and way to much fluctuation in his vocals. I think he’s this year’s Jacob.

10. Heejun – I so did not expect that! Entertaining and fun but way off vocally.

The Bottom 3 “should” be Heejun, Joshua and DeAndre with Heejun going home. But the voters where very unpredictable last week (and I think the public seems to have it in for Elise) so who knows what could happen.

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