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American Idol Top 13 week

So, we’re down to the top 13 contestants on American Idol and the competition is getting stiffer and stiffer.

All in all, I think the judges where a bit off this week and in many cases came across as pushovers, Randy being the occasional exception. A few new frontrunners may be emerging while a few old ones fade and so far, the ladies are outperforming their male counterparts.

With all that being said, here’s my synopsis of last night’s show.

The Girls:

1. Jessica

2. Hollie

3. Shannon

4. Skylar

5. Erika

6. Elise

The Guys:

1. Phillip

2. Colton

3. Heejun

4. Jermaine

5. Joshua

6. Jeremy

7. Deandre



1. Jessica – Simply amazing, best performance of the season thus far.

2. Hollie – Any other night it may have been the best but just got outshined a bit by Jessica.

3. Phillip – Perfect song for him. Fun, entertaining and unique.

4. Colton – Smooth, silky tone. Proved he has a voice that can do more than just rock.

5. Shannon – Dead on for most of the song with such a mature voice. One minor slip up got blown out of proportion.

6. Skylar – Sweet and simple tone, killed the big notes.

7. Erika – Very nice deep voice with powerful vocals. She had a few slips up but was pretty good overall.

8. Heejun – Nice in it’s simplicity but a little slow for my liking.

9. Jermaine – Odd song choice. Strong, deep tone but a bit boring.

10. Joshua – Very raspy vocals. Not bad overall but off in spots.

11. Elise – Strong in parts but a bit labored in others.

12. Jeremy – Very unusual and quite difficult to understand.

13.  Deandre – I appreciated him moving beyond the falsetto but all in all it was pretty cheesy.

Bottom line: 

A guy should be the first to go so it should probably be either Deandre or Jeremy but if a girl goes it will likely be Elise.

Analysis of the American Idol Top 13


So, now that the Top 13 for the 2012 edition of American Idol is set, there are a few issues I’d like to address. Keep in mind these list are in random order.

Who/what America and the judges got right:

1. Shannon

2. Hollie

3. Jessica

4. Phillip

5. Elise

6. Colton

7. Jermaine

8. Erika

Erika should never had had to settle for a wildcard as that she was clearly the top female performer of the week. And despite her just getting in, I still believe she should be (emphasis on the word should) one of the front runners.

Who/what America and the judges got wrong:

1. Skylar

2. Joshua

3. Deandre

4. Jeremy

Two of the three wildcard spots should have gone to girls, one which should have been Hallie. The judges flubbed that one though when somehow asking Brielle to sing for her life.

America made the right decision regarding Deandre but the judges fouled that one up too. I doubt he’ll be around very long unless he cuts down on the falsetto.

Better options to replace these contestants would have been Hallie, Jennifer, Reed and Adam.

Who was a so-so pick:

1. Heejun

This was not a terrible pick as that he was sort of on the borderline for the last guy slot in my opinion. However, he could have been replaced by any of the four listed above as well.

Biggest surprise:

The exit of Hallie.

Current frontrunners:








Synopsis of American Idol Men’s Top 13

Last night, American Idol’s 11th season kicked off the voting rounds with the Top 12 (and one additional second chance contestant to make it 13) and it went pretty well.

As I understand it, nearly half of them will be voted out tomorrow night. So there was little room for error.

That being said, here’s my thoughts on how that elimination might go.

Should be safe for sure:



Should be safe:



It could go either way:






In danger of leaving:





Now tonight we’ll see what the ladies have to offer.



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