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American Idol Top 9 week recap

Before I begin this post, in the spirit of full disclosure, I missed the first two performances by Kree and Burnell. That being the case, I was only able to judge their showings by the brief snippet during the recap at the end of the show. That being the case, rating order could have potentially been slightly different had I seen the entire thing. However, I still think this is probably pretty accurate overall.

Angie Miller American Idol

Here’s how I rank last night’s performances:

1. Angie – She looked great. I love that song. And as a pure singer, she’s fantastic.

2. Candice – Awesome song for her. It really showed off both her vocal power and personality.

3. Janelle   She made a very good song choice and performed it with in a beautifully simple, subtle way. Very good job overall.

4. Kree – While I only saw the recap snippet, she sounded good and seemingly made a good choice of song.

5. Paul – One of his best yet. It was a good fit for him and I enjoyed seeing a slightly edgier side of Paul.

6. Devin –  Very smooth sound, nice tone. He did well overall.

7. Burnell – I didn’t see much nut from what I did he seemed a bit off.

8. Amber – The vocals came across nicely but the whole thing was kind of boring.

9. Lazaro – He has a great voice but the song didn’t fit and the music was distracting.

Final thoughts:

It seems that the voting public continued to remain constant last week and ultimate made what I feel was the right choice in sending Curtis home. It will be interesting to see what happens this week. I’m a huge fan of Lazaro and his inspirational story but he has been struggling as of late and I fear that he might be the one on the way home after tonight’s results show. I would assume the Top 4 I listed above should be safe but as for the rest, anything could happen.

American Idol Top 9 Show Recap

After two weeks of voting surprises, with a really big one in Erika last week, perhaps we’ll see a correction in the voting this week if you will.

I originally missed Colton’s performance this week but went back and checked it out later. All in all, the contestants all did pretty well. But as usual, a few front runners continue to emerge while the rest of the pack if fading behind.

Here’s how I rate the performances:

 1. Jessica – Interesting twist on the original song. Slow start but well done. Her vocals where truly haunting.

2. Colton – Such a heartfelt performance. Once again he showed that he is a force to be reckoned with.

3. Phillip – Awesome song selection. So cool and catchy. Great job.

4. Elise – Great song choice. She’s one awesome rock chick. Very cool.

5. Hollie – She crushes the high notes every time. Very good as usual.

6. Heejun – Very deep for him. Great start but good overall.

7. Skylar – Fun and energetic, decent but not great by any means.

8. Joshua – Kind of plain. OK at first but once he hit the middle through the end it really fell apart.

9.  DeAndre – Way too much falsetto. His vocals where just all over the place.

Based on this week alone, the Bottom 3 “should” be Skylar, Joshua and DeAndre with DeAndre going home. But we have two consider two things. 1. The voters have been highly unpredictable so far. 2. At some point, votes should start to be based on a singer’s entire body of work rather than just a single show. If that happens the Bottom 3 should be the same as above with the exception of Heenjun replacing Skylar.

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