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Ulysses’ Fall

Guest post by Veronica Pamoukaghlian

Ulysses’ Fall (Las Toscas, Uruguay, Jan 14th, 2012)

go back home

a patient seamstress
awaits your voyage’s end

this land of me
that you can call your own
needs nought of you
till you be ripe
for giving

My mermaid’s chant
was beyond help
like planets’ sway

yet only you
could hear it

I meant no harm
when I lured you to my island

Many a sailor
I had drowned
before you drifted
into my waters

my tuneless song
was yours
beyond the silence

Yet I could not
let you drown
to follow me
into the world of fish

and it’s too late
for me
to give my voice
and live over the surface

So we must live
this while
in middle-land
in middle-sea
this in-between
of bliss and tragedy

So, welcome Home
wherever you may be
this island has become
a land of Thee

Resume your life
in that other place
where you must hide
your godliness
behind the mask
of ordinary days

Stay away
until your head turns gray

and though you may forget
the stringness of my song

I will always remember
you were a god

Veronica Pamoukaghlian is a poet and filmmaker based in Uruguay. Follow her on Facebook:
Poetry by Veronica Pamoukaghlian, and Twitter @verozoneuy. She has a website at
The Wander Life. You may also check out her film  Raúl, the movie.



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