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Wall Calendar

It’s finally here!!!

As you may know by now, in my photography work I love the chance to work with alternative models. While that genre of modeling does cover a lot of area, I’m specifically referring to those who feature tattoos and piercings, vibrant colored hair and perhaps something of a goth, emo or punk style.

That being the case, a site I work with called Twisted Angels just published it’s 2013 wall calendar. I’m so excited by the results considering it’s the first time the site’s calendar has featured more than 13 photos. The count is actually 25, the cover, one main shot for each month and one small one too.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined to check out a preview, you can do so below.

Please keep in mind that some of these photos would fall into the NSFW category and you may not want them to be readily accessible by children. Nudity can be and often is artistic and beautiful but is also often hard to explain to your boss of an inquisitive young child.

Calendar preview form store standard version)

Video preview of deluxe version from the site itself

sexy alt modeling calendar

Beautiful dreadlocks

Creative Dreamers readers:

I’m sorry I’ve been a little absent of late in regard to posting new entries. I’ve been working on a project for another website I run and being a less than technical person by nature, it’s been a headache to say the least.

That being said, two of the alternative models featured on said site have recently taken to the dreadlocks hair style. With that in mind, I wanted to create a post with artistic dreadlocks as the theme.

Check out the pics below:

blonde in dreadlocks

colorful dreds

pink and blue colored hair

goth girl with red dreds

Cheers and jeers and the loss of credibility of the “Maxim Hot 100”

As a photographer, I spend a lot of my time working with models and entertainers seeking headshots for auditions and such. That being the case, when I have the time, I enjoy viewing other people’s work and what it is that they may perceive as beauty.

For several years, I’ve taken an interest in the “Maxim Hot 100” for just this reason. And of course, it has a little something to do with being a hot-blooded young man as well.

Anyway, here’s my synopsis on this year’s installment of the “Maxim Hot 100.”

Cheers to Maxim for possibly unexpectedly including:

#99. Poppy Montgomery

#87 Paulina Gretzky

#80 Stana Katic

#73 Abby Elliot

#66 Alex Morgan

#56 Lily Collins

#41 Zoe Deschanel

Jeers for Maxim for the decision to add:

#97 Kat Dennings

#85 Lois Griffin

#70 Nicki Minaj

#69 Stephen Colbert

My personal alterations:

Taylor Swift, who sits as #26, should be among the top 10. And not including Carrie Underwood at all is a major snub.

Overall, the list was pretty good this year but sadly, two of the top 100 have seemed to continue the downward spiral that the “Hot 100” has been in for a few years now. Including a cartoon character (Lois Griffin) and especially an average-at –best looking male (Stephen Colbert) is absolutely ridiculous. If they were going to choose a guy, which is like men’s magazine blaspheme, they could have at least made it someone worthy of being called hot.

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