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Introducing aspiring writer Lauren Elizabeth

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Here’s a  little self-written spinet from a talented young fiction writer I recently had the pleasure of meeting in cyberspace:

I was the quiet girl in the back who read books, that’s all people knew me as. Now I’m the girl who writes young adult books and reads them.

Being still only 17 years old, I enjoy books more than anything, but then a couple years ago I decided I could write my own books. So little by little I wrote my first book, and now I am getting ready to start the publishing process this coming June.

Being a young adult writer can be and is difficult, nobody knows you. You’ve been pushed back in the corner again, and you have to learn how to fight your way to the front. Mainly by promoting, I started with a blog, then a twitter, facebook page, etc. I am trying to build my platform, piece by piece. This can hard when your still in high school and don’t have connections.

I am following my dream to become a published author at the age of 17, don’t give up on your dreams.

As I mention above I am a 17 year old female in high school who enjoys reading, writing, volunteering, and sports. I have a busy life but I still manage to have time to write and spend time with my two cats. Check out my blog at:

Shoot for the stars!


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