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Stop-Action Film Artist Lance The Cat

I came across the work of this stop-action artist on Youtube and really liked his work. As such, I figured I’d share it with my readers. This kid has a lot of talent and unless you work with this type of stuff yourself you probably don’t have any idea how much work goes into even the shortest video material.

Here’s one of my favorites and a link to his channel.


VR conetent without downloading apps

Have you caught the bug for the whole VR content craze that has been sweeping the world of tech? If so, you might think you can only get your fix via downloading apps to your mobile devices. In fact, that is not the case. You can get some cool VR and even some 360 degree stuff from many of the top video-sharing sites online and for free.

Here are a few to try using the search terms “VR 360” –







The semi-unknown talent Esmee Denters

I recently got this young lay’s debut album (a protege of the multi-talented Justin Timberlake) and while it was OK, I can assure you this girl has pipes. Just to show you, I thought I’d include a few of her Youtube videos. After all, that was the way she was discovered if you will.




Ethical and legit practices for using content you find online

Since the very beginning of writing and art, there has been a concern over the ownership, intellectual property rights and usage of work that has been put out there for public consumption. And since the digital age of the Internet, things have gotten much more complicated.

In college, I studied journalism and part of my schooling dealt with media law and ethics. Oddly enough, the answer to many of the questions and issues that we discussed was simply “it depends.”

So, just for kicks, here is my personal perspective on this matter.

If the content is from social media…

One of the primary purposes of social media is for the content to be shared. Whether is be on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest or something else, it seems to me that the content owner who posts his or her work is essentially granting permission for others to share it. If they do not want this to be the case, they can make adjustments to indicate that the content is private or not meant to be shared.

If the content is from a random blog, site or search…

I suppose the usage of these items does depend on many factors. I suggest you use you intuition.

If the content is specifically marked…

If the content states that it should not be reproduced or reposed, if a Youtube video is disabled from embedding or if right clicking on an image is disabled, clearly the post author does not want this to be spread around.

Best ways to go…

For photos or video:

Start out with your own images or videos, if you don’t have what is necessary, look into public domain, royalty free and stock content. The next best thing to do is seek out content that is clearly intended to be shared via social platforms.

For writing: 

Create your own or seek out people who will create content for you. Another option is to use content from article marketing sites like Ezine Articles.

When it comes to giving credit:

Crediting is often not necessary for public domain, royalty free or stock content. If it is a condition of usage, give proper credit. Same goes for stuff from article marketing sites. If it seems like sharing is acceptable, crediting the source in some way is always a good idea. While Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest pretty much automatically do this for you, not all platforms have such a feature. In that case, you can do something like tag the author or literally create a byline.


A hidden treasure for the creative mind

As most of the Creative Dreamers readers probably know, I’m a proud Pittsburgher. And as such, there are a few locations in my neck of the woods that I really like to use for creative inspiration. One such spot is known simply as “Seldom Seen.” OK, technically, the official name is the “Seldom Seen Greenway.”

There’s a reason for the name – very few people are aware that the scenic, tranquil spot even exists. And even for those of us who do, it’s really hard to imagine that this woodsy and isolated space is literally inside the city boundaries.

A while back, I created a walking tour of sort and posted it in several parts on Youtube. Feel free to check it out for yourself. Even if you can’t get there in person, maybe the very visuals will help to inspire you as well as they do me.

Harlem Shakes from around the globe

If you haven’t heard of the Harlem Shake, you soon will. It’s a craze that’s taking over the Internet as the latest viral dance sensation. For a lighter hearted post, I decided to include some samples below for you enternatinment.

Disclaimer – Not all videos may be suitable for younger viewers.

Taylor Swift poject

As you may know…

I’m something of a Taylor Swift Superfan. After all, what’s not to like – she’s smart, talented, driven, beautiful and down to earth.

So recently, I came up with the highly ambitious idea that some how, some way, maybe I could get her to meet me in person. And what other tool will I use but Youtube of course. Hey, while it is probably a million to one (or even less likely) shot that it will work, it has worked for others who put out messages to their favorite singers of actors.

Anyway, as part of the effort I reworded her song “Love Story” and wanted to share it below. When the video is up, it will be featured on my Youtube channel and you can feel free to check it out.

Taylor Swift flowing hair

Dream Story


You were so young when the world first saw you.

I heard your voice it was the perfect art

I was sitting there relaxing in the living room chair


I saw you sing, saw you dance, heard your sounds

As you made you way across cities and towns

I thought “whoa,”

But little did I know…


That you’d be a star, talented on so many levels,

My mind said, “She’s beautiful and would never settle”

And moved sadly through the rat race

Wishing you’d only know

And I thought…


Taylor, take me somewhere  that I’ve never known

I’ll be waiting; this could be so much fun

I’ll be the audience, you’ll be the songstress

It’s a dream story Taylor, just say, “Yes”


I’d even sneak in to the show to see you,

And keep quiet, just to enjoy the view

But for now, I close my eyes just imagine your smile

Oh, oh


You’re now a star, talented on so many levels,

My mind said, “She’s beautiful and would never settle”

And moved sadly through the rat race

Wishing you’d only know

And I thought…


Taylor, take me somewhere  that I’ve never known

I’ll be waiting; this could be so much fun

I’ll be the audience, you’ll be the songstress

It’s a dream story Taylor, just say, “Yes”


Taylor save me, I don’t know how to feel

This may be difficult, but you could make it real

Don’t be afraid, no need to have any stress

It’s a dream story Taylor, just say, “Yes”

Oh, oh.


I’ll never tire of waiting

Hoping that you might come around

Maybe your heart needs persuading

Like mine until I first heard your sounds

And I said…


Taylor save me, from wondering what could be known

I’ll be waiting; this could be so much fun

Could you have heard what I said? Maybe seen my Youtube link

When you come back to my town maybe we could meet

Listen to me Taylor, I’ve always loved your sweet, sweet tone

I feel new, every time your soft tones flow
I really want to meet you badbut I don’t mean to press

It’s a dream story Taylor, just say, “Yes”


Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


You were so young when the world first saw you

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